apparently i’ve been busy….

Soooo Winter is here and I have yet to update this ‘ol blog with all the fun things that went down this Fall. Since it’s my favourite season, I go extra heavy on the photo taking. I just can’t get enough of those pretty leaves! Especially when our girl is playing in them.

Be warned! This post is basically just one very large photo dump….


We went apple picking last year, and had a lot of fun with it even though Bug was just a babe. We hoped that this year would be even more fun since she would be able to run around and actually help pick some apples. We were right.

We always spend Thanksgiving at the cottage. I think the last couple times we have been up there for this weekend it has been rainy and gross. We lucked out this year for sure. And with two 1 year olds running around (the other cute babe you see is my niece), being able to go outside is a huge plus.

We bought similar outfits for the girls in hopes to have a little photo shoot. Niece was all for it. Bug notsomuch… In fact, now that I think back, she was cranky the whole weekend. I blame her molars.

Fall walks are my favourite 🙂

I wasn’t going to get her a costume. Didn’t really see the point because we weren’t going to take her around trick or treating. I just figured she was too little for all that candy. Buuuuut then I went to the party store, you know…just to see what they had. And I came home with this! Basically the cutest thing ever.

All I wanted was one nice picture with the pumpkins. But nooooooooooooooo.

She had the right idea. Who needs to be out trick or treating in cold rainy weather when you get snacks at home!

Luckily, for me, my niece happen to get the same costume and came over for a visit the next day, so I was able to get a re-do on the photo I wanted.

And that’s it!

I will try harder to keep up to date this season. Although…we have already cut down our Christmas tree, attended family and friends Christmas parties, and visited Santa. So…I think I’m behind already.

who has time to blog?!

Not this girl, that’s for sure.

All I am hearing these days is how sad it is that summer is coming to an end. I don’t understand why people get so down in the dumps over seasons changing. I LOVE IT! My favourite thing about living in Canada is that we get a little taste of each different season, and lucky for me the next one to come our way is my favourite!! Apple picking, baking, cute sweaters, BOOTS! I don’t see anything wrong with any of that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer too. Lazy days at the cottage are over for this year, but now it’s something to look forward for next year!

Every year we wrap up the end of summer on Labour Day weekend by going to the Kinmount Fair. It was the first time that Bug and her cousin went on rides, and as excited as they seemed to be, I think my sister-in-law and I were waaaaay more excited. 

If only you could hear the giggles… She thought this was hilarious.

My brother and I can be a little competitive with each other. I knew I had the win halfway down the slide!

The weekend was filled with other exciting things too. Like eating leaves……

And pretending to be a big girl, crossing her legs like me. 

And wearing the cutest, and snugglyist, outfit ever! As you can see, she wasn’t so excited to model her new Gap outfit for me. Running around and eating leaves was much MUCH more exciting.

It was a perfect summer, but I’m totally good with cooler weather coming our way. Especially if it means more cute baby in a hoodie.

her 1st birthday

This is as low key as I could make it. Hey, what can I say…I like a party! Well, I like planning and decorating for parties. Once the party itself starts, I feel like I am all over the place; missing out on the fun, trying to make sure I get enough pictures, keeping the food going. In the end, I don’t mind though. As long as everyone is having a good time, the hard work is fine by me. And if I get a compliment or two on the décor, that’s ok too 😉

Even though the main theme for Bug’s party was just a BBQ, as I posted about here, I thought it would be a cute idea to use watermelons as a feature. On top of all that, I wanted to bring in the 52 week photo project that I did with her this year as well. So I printed out each photo and taped them to the centre of the fence in the yard. I also made a fabric banner from my favourite fabrics that were used during the project to fancy up the fence. I initially planned to make her a quilt out of them, and I still hope to do that one day. Still have to figure out the whole sewing thing. I used iron on fabric tape to make the banner…not sure that would hold up in quilt-form.

Jose always teases me about going overboard for parties, but he is almost as bad as me! It was his idea to come up with a cute graphic to use within the decorations. So we printed that cute face on some sticker paper and went crazy with them. We added them to the back of the thank you cookies, to the loot bags, and even made custom condiment containers. I love that he equally enjoys adding little touches to events like this…even if he won’t admit it.

Even though she doesn’t look too happy, I swear she was. Oh, and by the way…sparklers that just go out are still hot. Like really super hot. It’s been 2 weeks and my fingers are still blistered… 🙁

What’s a party without some pool dancing with your dad?

Even though I know it seems like I take a million and one pictures of everything, there are very few of the 3 of us. So I love that we remembered to grab this one…

So now that’s over….

I need another project!!! I think it’s time to update the family photo wall in our living room. I haven’t done it since before Bug was born, and we all know that I have a few (million) of her that I could put up.

today she is 1

And I’m teary. This isn’t going to go well if I can’t even write the title without getting choked up…

She’s 1! Today is Bug’s very first birthday!! To say that I am so proud of all her accomplishments this year would be an understatement. She has surprised Jose and I every day with every new little thing she has learned. It’s amazing how proud you can be by someone learning to roll over for the first time, or sit up, or clap their hands. Things that seems so small compared to what’s to come, but so huge at the same time. Even though this year has flown by, it has by far been the best year of my life.

And while I am so proud of her, I am even more proud of Jose and I. I have heard before that the first year of marriage is difficult, and if you can get through that then you can get through anything.

Um, no.

Have a baby. That will be the true test on any relationship. And it makes me so proud to say that we made it through all the ups and downs together.

Not that to say that it has always been easy. Especially at first, it was tricky to find the right balance between being a wife and a mother. That is a lot of well deserved time that needs to be allotted for both. I’m sure it was hard for Jose too, trying to find his role in it all, and trying to bond with a new baby. He did a great job at figuring it all out. And lucky for me I have an amazing husband who gave me time and space to figure out the ropes of becoming a mother, and supported and helped me in any way that he could. And still does.

And now here we are a year later celebrating this girl on her 1st birthday!

Bug, we love you more then I could ever put into words! You have accomplished so much in your first year, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Happy Birthday!!


making our own memories

This past week Jose, Bug and I have been up at my family cottage. Less my family. My parents thought that it would be nice for us to have our own family time up there, without them. I wouldn’t have minded in the least if they were there as well, it is their cottage after all, but appreciated that they wanted to give us some space. It was weird at first, being there without them. Jose and I haven’t really spent any time up there on our own. It made me feel so grown up. And responsible. Weird that having a child hasn’t really made me feel that way the same way a week at the cottage did. Probably because if Bug scratches her leg, all I have to answer to is me. But if that cottage burned down… Oh man. I would have some explaining to do.

Luckily that didn’t happen. We actually ended up having a really nice and relaxing family vacation. And thinking about that has made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Because what that week really was was the start of our family vacations together. OUR FAMILY. Him and I and her. Our own little family. While I knew that we were family (obviously) before going up to the cottage, there was something about this week that seemed to solidify it. I couldn’t figure out what is was exactly that was making me think this way until I spent some time going through the (millions) of photos I had taken over the week, and then it dawned on me. We were creating memories. Ones that she will look back on and remember and love. Memories of her family at the cottage, memories of her time at the beach, of swimming in the water.

Those are some of the very same memories that I have, of me and my family. I love and cherish those times, even more now than ever.

And now here Jose and I are, creating ones for her. As a family.

Ugh, such a sappy post. But she is turning 1 in a week…and that has me a little emotional.

Ok, a lot emotional 😉

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