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This past weekend my mom and I hosted a baby shower for Lori and baby London. Lori got super spoiled by friends and family, and now both her and Brian are all set for the little one to arrive. I went a little crazy on the shower details, as I like to do :), so I wanted to share some pics of some of them. My go-to theme for baby showers pretty much revolves around fabric banners, like I did here too. So the invitations, games, and decor were all tied together by that.

We played four games; guess the baby food, guess what chocolate bar made the poopy diaper, jelly bean guess, and bingo. The bingo cards are made up of items that I know were purchased of her registry as well as some generic baby items. The guests play this game while she opens the presents. This is a favourite shower game of mine for both wedding and baby because it gives the guests something to do while watching all those presents be opened.

I am obsessed with mason jars!!! There are so many good uses for them, not just for storing jam! I used them at my parents anniversary party as centerpieces by just popping in a candle and tying some rafia around the top. But for showers, I like to use them as drinking glasses.

As the thank you favour, I went with cake pops. It was my first time making them, and as much as I love to bake, I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan. They are a lot of work! So were the tissue paper flower centerpieces that I made, but look how cute they turned out!

Enter above mentioned fabric banner. I go the no-sew route, using iron on tape. It’s very easy to use, and considering I don’t really know how to sew, works just fine for me.

Overall the shower was a huge success. By that huge grin I would say that the momma-to-be had a great time too! 😉


Daphney What are the quotes on each of the game cards.

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(picture with baby bottle filled with jelly beans)

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Jessica Martinez If you dont mind me asking, what was the ryhme you used the baby food game. I will like to this game for my baby shower this Sunday.

Patty I am also hosting my daughters baby shower in October. My question is pretty much what Donyale M asked. How did you make it print the signs? Program or Microsoft Word???

megan whatley I want some new up to date baby shower ideas for my bff baby shower

Sarah this is so cute! what font did you use?

Kayla Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how you made your place cards for the jelly bean guess and for the guest to write down there address.



Donyale M Hi. I love what you did! I am having my daughters baby shower in 3 weeks. Did you use a program to print out the signs or did you do it through microsoft word?

karishma Hi I would like to know about baby shower, just want to experience for my friend baby shower theme pooh, how u do the plan begin?thanks

Tracy kasamani love the baby shower Am jst wonder what kind or type of baby shower will i have.

Mary b Thanks for some great ideas. Gonna steal a few…jelly bean guess, baby food game. A a great idea for the guests to write their daddy’s down for mom

Josefa Silva So proud of you….beautiful details.
For sure Brian and Lori are so lucky to have you both.
Love, Josefa

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