making our own memories

This past week Jose, Bug and I have been up at my family cottage. Less my family. My parents thought that it would be nice for us to have our own family time up there, without them. I wouldn’t have minded in the least if they were there as well, it is their cottage after all, but appreciated that they wanted to give us some space. It was weird at first, being there without them. Jose and I haven’t really spent any time up there on our own. It made me feel so grown up. And responsible. Weird that having a child hasn’t really made me feel that way the same way a week at the cottage did. Probably because if Bug scratches her leg, all I have to answer to is me. But if that cottage burned down… Oh man. I would have some explaining to do.

Luckily that didn’t happen. We actually ended up having a really nice and relaxing family vacation. And thinking about that has made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Because what that week really was was the start of our family vacations together. OUR FAMILY. Him and I and her. Our own little family. While I knew that we were family (obviously) before going up to the cottage, there was something about this week that seemed to solidify it. I couldn’t figure out what is was exactly that was making me think this way until I spent some time going through the (millions) of photos I had taken over the week, and then it dawned on me. We were creating memories. Ones that she will look back on and remember and love. Memories of her family at the cottage, memories of her time at the beach, of swimming in the water.

Those are some of the very same memories that I have, of me and my family. I love and cherish those times, even more now than ever.

And now here Jose and I are, creating ones for her. As a family.

Ugh, such a sappy post. But she is turning 1 in a week…and that has me a little emotional.

Ok, a lot emotional 😉

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